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The Story behind the name

I have a couple of #marchmeetthemaker posts to put up for this weekend but they both tie in quite nicely!

Story Behind the Name.

My birth name is Morven which means a variety of different things . In Celtic/Gaelic folklore it means 'lives by the sea', 'child of the sea', or' Mhorbhairne (the Sea-Gap).

Morven is the historic name of Morvern, which is a beautiful peninsula in the Highlands, on the west coast of Scotland. It lies south of the districts of Ardgour and Sunart, and is bounded on the north by Loch Sunart and Glen Tarbert, on the south east by Loch Linnhe and on the south west by the Sound of Mull. The highest point is the summit of the Corbett Creach Bheinn. Interestingly a fact I found out todaywas that some residents of St Kilda were relocated to Lochaline, the main village of Morvern, when the island was evacuated in 1930.

I have always loved my name and I think it has inspired my love of Scottish folklore all my life. I am proud to be Scottish and of my Scottish heritage. My dad loves genealogy and has traced our family all the way back to Duncan I of Scotland, which I find fascinating! I have foind memories of trout fishing adventures with my dad when I was younger up in lochs in Morven!

I think it is very important to keep folklore and names like this alive and if I have my own family one day I'm sure they will have some sort of Celtic name!

The name Morvenna obviously stems from Morven. I have often been called Morwenna by my dad or Morvenna and I suppose that is where it stems from. Morwenna is a Cornish name meaning a wave of the sea, which I have always referred to my name meaning as.

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