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The Arrival of Summer

This weekend, I was inspired by a visit to Callander, where I spotted a beautiful swallow flying overhead.

These small birds with their dark, glossy blue blacks, striking read throats and long tails really are unique and have always been thought to hail the arrival of Summer.

For more information about these fascinating creatures visit the RSPB's website here.

I created the original watercolour and ink painting using my latest watercolour pencils and D. Leonardt and Co dip pen and nibs set.

I then took the image one stage further by working with various layers in Photoshop using a black and white photo I had developed a while ago in photography class to give the impression of the trees sitting within the swallow.

I was really pleased with the end result and feel this design will work well on a variety of mediums.

The original print is available to purchase here and the limited edition prints are also available in a couple of different frame sizes, including a floating glass frame option and a small mini wooden framed option.

I hope you like!

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