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Colour of the Year 2017

... and the winner is...


PANTONE 15-0343
You must be getting the idea that green is one of my favourite colours but when I found out earlier this year that it was Pantone's colour of the year I was delighted.
"How do you decorate with green" I hear you say?
It can be, most certainly, a tricky colour to incorporate. However, incorporated correctly, it can bring freshness and new life into any room.
To find out more about pairings and colour themes for this lovely new Pantone, visit Greenery's very own web page.
I have to say the 'Forest Floor' combination is my particular favourite as the muted tones would mix well in a country home or stylish apartment.
I also feel it would work very well alongside rustic checks and scandi style furnishings.
As green is the colour of nature, why not incorporate some plant motifs into your wallpaper or furnishings?
I have been producing a new range of original artwork and this 'Longiflorum Lilies' painting could fit in very well in a green themed lounge area or hallway.
Another green themed naturalistic subject is 'the Watcher' - a watercolour and ink original. What do you think?
I have put together a selection of the most beautiful green themes I have found on Houzz - feel free to take a look:
For other ideas on how to decorate with green tones, Ideal Home has produced this lovely guide.
A huge fan of the Pantone mugs, you can buy your very own Greenery pantone mug here.
If you have any ideas or suggestions please, as always drop us a note as we are always happy to hear from you!


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