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Joy and New Life - Easter 2016

For those of you with the Bank Holiday weekend off, we wish you a wonderful Easter with lots of fun, merriment and happiness!

It is a time for reflection and joyfulness in the birth of new life and what way to celebrate this than with an Easter Feast, of course...

Here in the Morvenna household, we have been inspired by some wonderful Easter ideas on our beloved Pinterest and Houzz.

The above table centrepiece displayed at Everything Fab ( is truly stunning and provided just the inspiration we needed.

Or how about these delicate mini nests below for a smaller table decoration?

I came across Allison from Campbell Soup Diary's display and it is beautiful. For more inspiration visit:

For games and gift ideas, why not decorate some Spring time cupcakes, Easter Bunny milk bottles, or traditional egg painting....

Whatever you and your families get up to, have a wonderful time!

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