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Letterbox friendly gift ideas!

I hope everyone is coping ok and managing to keep busy as best you can in the current circumstances.

I am 100% still open for business and keen to be able to send some cheer to you and your loved ones.

I thought it would be nice to share some gift ideas that I can easily send to you by post (via a local postbox of course), for you to be able to receive easily and/or send on to your friends and loved ones!

So here goes...!

I hope you'll agree that this cheeky wee birdie A4 print would look pride of place on a mantlepiece. 

A Welcoming Home.

I don't know about you but I feel that this little print would cheer up any kitchen.

There is no place like home. 

Cooking a lot more? Bring out the chef in you with these lovely natural cotton teatowels and aprons designed and produced in the UK. The quality is second to none and I find the teatowels are just perfect to sparkle up glasses!

This beautiful natural canvas shopper, produced in the UK, is made from 8oz 100% cotton with long black handles and a black gusset. It's perfect for your shopping needs even if you can only use it for essentials right now! 

These lovely little pocket mirrors make the perfect gift and are so small and easy to post!

Now we are well into Spring let this A5 print brighten up your home with a bit of evening sunshine!

Finally, if you ever have any questions, want to discuss any bespoke commissions or personalised gifts, please don't hesitate to email me on and I would be delighted to have a chat!

Until next time, take care and please stay safe!



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